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‘SEO is dead so don’t bother’!

Yep, people actually say that.
So if you’ve found yourself being told this, consider sacking the person who told you this and finding someone who knows what they are talking about.
Unless you like giving Google all your profit, sitting back and enjoying the record profits they announce each year, then don’t read on.
If, however, your keen to build a sustainable online presence that doesn’t involve a credit card maxing out due to ‘Adwords Budget Met’ then do read on.
SEO – Search engine optimisation – or for a completely jargon free explanation – the search results that sit under the ‘Ads’ on google – is where your actual website ranking sits.
It allows searchers to find you without paying to find you.
How? Simply put, the more relevant words on your website that relate to what they are searching, the more Google likes you.
Google’s exceptional search engine didn’t happen by accident. They want your site to match their searchers, so they can continue their credibility with matching the best content with their searchers’ needs.
So what does that mean for your business?
If you want to be found on Google.. then firstly KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE SEARCHING.
Please don’t use explicitly over complicated language on your website that your ideal client would never in their right mind search. Find those ‘keywords’ that resonate with your customers and put them all through your website pages.
Secondly… If you don’t know what your customers are searching GO AND ASK THEM!
I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious here, but the amount of people who make assumptions about what their customers are searching for is astounding. Ask them.. lots of them.. then make your content reflect that.
Thirdly… If you have an SEO provider please make sure you are getting reports every month with actual live data. If your not… they’re not doing the work. There are some.. dare we say it… SEO SHARKS out there… preying on the ‘set and forget’ clients. There are techy things they have to do in the background.. words like citations and directories get thrown around, but most importantly you should receive a report showing progress.
Fourthly – Be in it for the long game. 6 months is standard to see the google god’s spider through your site and ensure you are more relevant than your competitors! It’s not going to happen overnight… but it will happen provided your supplier is doing their job and you’re doing yours! What’s your job you say? To provide relevant content for your SEO providers to upload. 2-4 blogs per month, updating your website copy, including backlinks from other sites (e.g. LinkedIn) that’s how you can help and it’s imperative for successful SEO that you do.
LASTLY… if it’s working then your website is appearing on the first page of google and you are getting visitors. Simple really!
So please, persevere with SEO, and as always get in touch at should you wish to chat!