INTRODUCTORY OFFER - One off cost of $690 for full access to our ‘Around The World In Marketing’ course.
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Become Your Own Internal Marketing Expert for Your Business

Do you want to be effective with your marketing efforts, and grow your business?

Our ‘Around the World in Marketing’ course is the perfect answer for business owners and operators looking to empower themselves with knowledge to make their marketing work!



One off cost of $690 USD for
full access to our
‘Around The World In Marketing’

At the end of our course you will have:

  • Your Marketing Strategy Sorted
  • Your place in your market
  • Have uncovered where new opportunities lay
  • Know which customer to target with your marketing
  • Your point of difference
  • What you need to change
  • And what you need to do for the next 12 months!
  • That’s right – you will have a PLAN for your marketing that supports YOUR business strategy!
  • Confidence to be your own Marketing Expert!

Hear all about our course offering from our Founder

6 Modules

6 Modules designed in order to get your marketing right for your business.

Quick & Easy

With quick and easy lessons, everything is broken down into small bite size lessons to allow you to do it in between the day to day running of your business!


The course is focused on marketing that will gain your business growth. You’ll set real goals with the know how to make them happen.

Marketing Expert

Marissa Marschke – Founder of The Marketing Info Hub

With over 15 years working with some major brands including Vodafone, BP, Slater & Gordon Lawyers, has spent over 5 years consulting to businesses who needed help with their marketing and growth strategies. Through working with clients across so many industries Marissa learnt that one of the main issues business owners faced was their marketing. It was often too expensive, inefficiently allocated, over expectations on the success of certain activities, and most of all lacked connection to the business’s overarching strategic priorities.

From this the Marketing Info Hub was born – all the knowledge that Marissa has shared with her clients over the years has been packed into our courses – designed particularly for business owners to pull together a marketing plan that is not only strategic, but able to be implemented. Through our service offerings Marissa is available for additional one on one coaching and support as you make your way through the marketing journey!

Every business deserves to thrive and every business owner should take control of their marketing!