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This course is for any business owner and operator who has struggled to get the marketing for their business out of their heads and into action.

The course is broken down in modules to build your marketing action plan for the next 12 months.

6 Modules cover the foundations of marketing.

Long term planning. Understanding who your ideal customer is.

Where to focus your campaigns. How to measure the success of your marketing. Finalising this all with a 12 month action plan.

Become the expert you’ve always wanted to be today with our course.

Here are the 6 modules you’ll work through in our Around the World in Marketing course.

Rome Module

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And nor can your marketing strategy. It’s time to build up the foundations piece by piece. We will walk you through how to build a strategic plan ensuring growth of your business through targeted marketing.

New York Module

Like the great city of New York’s grid system, we will carve up your client base. Ensuring that you understand which groups are your ideal customers, and understand what drives them to purchase from you.

Law Vegas Module

How does an entire city survive on having exactly the same service providers lined up next to each other? Because each Casino has a point of difference, so unique to them, that they appeal to consumer’s nuances. Throughout this module we will discover your businesses point of difference, and how you can stand out from your competitors.

Sydney Module

‘Where the bloody hell are ya?’ The campaign that polarised people and certainly received high levels of attention. Not necessarily for the right reasons. In the Sydney module, we will talk about how to create campaigns that link to your strategic positioning and talk to your ideal clients.

Beijing Module

Structure and Discipline is what drives the Beijing module as it covers measurement of your marketing and ensuring a discipline in reporting. To ensure you are accountable for your marketing efforts and informed about the decisions you need to make to move your business forward.

Singapore Module

Often referred to the best planned city in the World, Singapore has certainly followed its plan established back in 1965 to make it a thriving metropolis. This module finalises an action plan to sort your next 12 months of marketing. No more floundering and last minute decisions, you’ll know what you need to get done week by week to implement your successful marketing activity.

At the end of our course you will have:

  • Your Marketing Strategy Sorted
  • Your place in your market
  • Have uncovered where new opportunities lay
  • Know which customer to target with your marketing
  • Your point of difference
  • What you need to change
  • And what you need to do for the next 12 months!
  • That’s right – you will have a PLAN for your marketing that supports YOUR business strategy!
  • Confidence to be your own Maketing Expert!

Hear all about our course offering from our Founder

Become Your Own Marketing Expert for Your Business

Do you want to be effective with your marketing efforts, and grow your business?

Our ‘Around the World in Marketing’ course is the perfect answer for business owners and operators looking to empower themselves with knowledge to make their marketing work!



One off cost of $690 USD for
full access to our
‘Around The World In Marketing’


Once you have completed the foundation course, you will be able to choose extra modules that may apply to your business.

These include:

  • How to create an advertising schedule

  • Improve your networking skills to optimise your Business Development time

  • How to create an effective website brief to get what you want

And many more… 

Need some more information?

A free 15 minutes chat with founder and marketing specialist Marissa Marschke to ask your question about the course modules!